Flyin Lion

from Bobby Steps by Erothyme

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I'm a flyin lion, migratory
information giver -
a wordy bird with messages
and stories to deliver.
Despite every attempt I've made
at being conscientious,
there be haters in the shade
who wish to label me pretentious.

I'm not ashamed that I
have been around the block.
Pass along the flame,
it's a race against the clock.
It would be insane
to keep the knowledge under lock,
so I'm relinquishing the stock of talk
to go with all the walk.

Everything that I can do
to get what I perceive as true
to travel through the air to you
is worth the pain that I've been through.
There is nothing I prefer
over a word that is conferred
with the intention of prevention of
your self-destruction, sir.

If we can all agree to see
that we're all sons and daughters
with a need for love and freedom
and a thirst for air and water,
we can readily acknowledge
that we have a lot in common,
and I can shut my face
and let my fingers do the talkin'.

Oooh, tell it like it is!
You get what you give!


from Bobby Steps, released August 27, 2015




Erothyme Colorado

The Erothyme sound is a majestic blend of overblown hyperbole and meaningless adjectives that actually have nothing to do with music. His tracks land in your ear like a dolphin gracefully diving into the surface of the ocean after doing a triple backflip in front of the setting sun. Some people think that Erothyme doesn't be like he is, but he do. ... more

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