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Sound in the Living Current

by Erothyme

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Cold Front 02:03
Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om
Earth Umbra 01:26
My songbird cage swings open No longer waiting unknowing My fate is self-determined I have my eyes aligned With the horizon line Look behind the curtain I heard whispered in the night This bird is taking flight Embrace the mystery I find these worldly fetters Confine my angel feathers It's time to shake them free I spread my wings I am one with the sky I am hawk and I fly I am one with the sky
Time Lapse 02:57
Wildflower 06:04
There's a song in every single tree (in every tree) I hear their voices sing to me (voices sing, sing to me) Every bending branch is a melody (this branch is a melody) I'm listenin' in to what they're tellin' me There's a song in every fallen leaf (fallen leaf) I hear those well-tuned voices callin' me (callin' me) Every mountain ridge is a melody (melody) I'm listenin' in to what they're tellin me In every flower bud and fallen leaf (fallen leaf, fallen leaf) I hear her softly callin' me (callin' me) This coursing stream is a melody (melody) I'm listenin' in to what she's tellin' me She speaks to me, speaks through the leaves This speaker speaks for the trees


I, Bobby Blessed, would like to express my sincerest gratitude for...
Divine Grace
Mother Earth & Father Sun
The Internet
All who have fed, clothed, or sheltered me
All who have taught me, deliberately or not
All who have loved me from their hearts
All who have inspired me with their creative fire
All whose voices or instrumentation I recorded
All who contributed to the technology which makes my work possible
All who have transported me
All who have plugged me into sound systems
All who listen & feel & support

This record is brought to you by Perpetual Victory Machine.

A portion of the profits from this record will be donated to psychedelic research.


released June 9, 2015

Music recorded, arranged, and produced by Bobby West

Cover art by Erin C Potter

Guest vocalists and instrumentalists by song:

Morning Glory
- Madelion Moondrop - Vocals

Pines and Leaves
- Mike Pipes (Biomigrant) - Flute, Guitar
- Emma Staarbird - Vocals

Lead Us to the Sound
- Masaru Higasa (of Yaima) - Flute, Dulcimer, Guitar
- Michael Svenson - Guzheng
- Emma Staarbird - Vocals
- Mat Muntz - Bowed upright bass

Red Moon Revelations
- Madelion Moondrop - Vocals, Violin
- Bobby West - Clarinet, Piano, Rhodes

Ever Aster
- Danielle Bohmir (TryptaNice) - Vocals
- Seth Orin - Shakuhachi

An Unborn Moment
- Madelion Moondrop - Vocals
- Bobby West - Vocals

Grace is Real
- Seth Orin - Shakuhachi
- Joey Chang (Cello Joe) - Cello
- Bobby West - Clarinet, Piano

Our Sacred Hours
- Madelion Moondrop - Vocals, Violin
- Bobby West - Vocals, Clarinet
- Seth Orin - Shakuhachi

Medicine Chant
- Drea Drury - Vocals
- Mat Muntz - Upright bass

- Michael Svenson - Guzheng

- Bobby West - Vocals, Clarinet
- Madelion Moondrop - Vocals

- Emma Staarbird - Vocals
- Kataphasis - Pond




Erothyme Colorado

The Erothyme sound is a majestic blend of overblown hyperbole and meaningless adjectives that actually have nothing to do with music. His tracks land in your ear like a dolphin gracefully diving into the surface of the ocean after doing a triple backflip in front of the setting sun. Some people think that Erothyme doesn't be like he is, but he do. ... more

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