Reverence for Life

by Erothyme

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This timely transmission of Love is brought to you by Perpetual Victory Machine.


released February 1, 2017

Bobby Blessed (Erothyme) -- Lyrics & Songwriting (all tracks), Recording & Arrangement (all tracks), Vocal Processing (all tracks), Synths & Samples & Beats (all tracks), Clarinet (Track 1), Backing Vocals (Track 1), Dried Flower Petals (Track 2), Production (all tracks), Cover Art

Theo Grace (Entheo) -- Vocals (Track 1), Guitar (Track 1), Lyrics and Songwriting (Track 1)

Madelion Moondrop -- Vocals (Tracks 1, 2, 3), Wood Flute (Track 3)

Emma Staarbird -- Vocals (Track 1)

Dawn (IoDoPhLyMiAeLo) -- Vocals (Track 1)

Quintin Louw -- Guitar (Track 2)




Erothyme Colorado

The Erothyme sound is a majestic blend of overblown hyperbole and meaningless adjectives that actually have nothing to do with music. His tracks land in your ear like a dolphin gracefully diving into the surface of the ocean after doing a triple backflip in front of the setting sun. Some people think that Erothyme doesn't be like he is, but he do. ... more

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Track Name: All You Seek (feat. Entheo & Friends)
We all have seen
Joy a suffering
Everything in between
It's woven into this dream

If you are struggling
Still trying to
I hope that it brings you peace
Let it be all you seek
Track Name: Flower Dried (feat. Madelion Moondrop & Quintin Louw)
flower dried
preserved in time
leaves impressions
on the mind

somewhere in its petals lay
a memory from yesterday
somewhere in its petals lay
a memory of yesterday

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