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by Erothyme

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LMNL (EARTH) 12:00
LMNL (AIR) 12:00
LMNL (FIRE) 12:00
LMNL (WATER) 12:00


LMNL is an immersive labyrinth of interactive digital art, located at Onedome in San Francisco, which opened on Winter Solstice, December 22nd 2018.

Find out more about LMNL & purchase tickets to experience it here - onedome.global/experiences/lmnl/


Each journey through LMNL is a unique experience for the senses, including the sense of sound. The idea behind the creation of this soundtrack was to create a deeper layer of immersion throughout this 10,000 square foot museum.

All the musical elements of this soundtrack encircle a single spacious, uplifting theme. Numerous adventures await those who wander in the LMNL space, and this harmonious bed of sound provides a thread of continuity. For this reason, this music is less about going somewhere, and more about the feeling of already being here.

However, even while maintaining a timeless continuity, the particular overlap of musical elements that you personally hear on your journey depends on exactly where (and when) you happen to find yourself!

The arrangement of this soundtrack which inhabits LMNL never repeats exactly the same way twice, and has no distinct ending. Different elements are spaced across the many rooms and corridors. Some sounds come through only one speaker in one corner of one room - others appear in different places, for different periods of time, and in different combinations.


Today I am deeply pleased to share with you a stereo mix of the LMNL soundtrack, so that anywhere you happen to be, you can enjoy the LMNL soundscape for free!

While it is a different experience from being physically inside the space of LMNL, this version of the soundscape can still be looped for any period of time, quietly or loudly, in order to hold a space of calmness and dreamlike wonder.

I like to think that by listening to this soundscape, whatever we may be doing, we are bringing a little piece of LMNL out into the world with us!

Happy listening!

(LICENSING NOTE - This composition may be used freely for personal use, but is not available for commercial use.)


released May 21, 2019

Bobby West (Erothyme) - Composition, sound design, audio production
Parker Johnson - Vocals
Becca Dakini - LMNL Curator / Onedome Producer
Onedome - www.onedome.global




Erothyme Colorado

The Erothyme sound is a majestic blend of overblown hyperbole and meaningless adjectives that actually have nothing to do with music. His tracks land in your ear like a dolphin gracefully diving into the surface of the ocean after doing a triple backflip in front of the setting sun. Some people think that Erothyme doesn't be like he is, but he do. ... more

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