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Feel Recording

by Erothyme

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Vividly 04:44
This feels like a dream See behind the seen I feel your heartbeat So vividly This feels like a dream Evoking imagery I've already seen So vividly
Imagine that we're all part of one grand vibration, and all of your mundane observations are actually meaningful components of a lovely tapestry of significance and beauty.
Where does your love go? It's always going somewhere. Will you plant it where it will grow, or let it vaporize into the dry air? Where does your love go? It's always going somewhere. Will you plant it where it will grow, or let it vaporize?
Trails 06:00
Shortcut! It's this way!
Ghost Notes 05:48
walking through a closing door to an unseen world it's like our feet just touched the shore the ship is leaving savor every breath you take later is too late it's over if you hesitate ever fleeting cause feeling is a memory by the time it is a thought like a melody a ghost forgot in the distance like a feather in a heavy hand writing in the sand a letter to a blind man closely listen
no one really knows
Lemur Dream 04:17
Hear it like you never have been heard Say it all without saying a word I'm seeing stars, an ocean timeless Shining in your opalescent iris Baby we are angels Wrap me in your feathers Moments pass Love will last forever I'm seeing stars, an ocean timeless Shining in your opalescent iris
Drippinkloud 01:26
Woah, look at that cloud up there...
By necessity we cling to the freedom of our wings, and we're high above the ground, we've got dreams in our downs. Yes, we're hanging by a string from the fall until the spring, but we won't stay down, cause what goes comes around. Even though we fly, the world's so wide that even from the sky we can't see the other side.
Have you ever considered everything? It's difficult to see the pattern when you pick apart each thread in the weave, and if we see the truth, we might see a forest where previously we only could see the trees. This whole time you were the whole ocean. Why is it I only could see the stream? This entire time I was the whole entire sky. Why is it you only could feel the breeze? Your warmth hit me like the first golden rays after losing count of consecutive overcast days, and just to have seen you smile with sincere delight, it's obvious none of this could ever have happened in vain. The very fact of your existence is unshakable proof of benevolent forces at work in this world. I even suspect the same reason we connected also lights the stars and beckons the ferns to unfurl, and it's also the very same reason why the winter came, and why some of us just haven't woken up to see the light. Just listen, and you will find a rhythm and a rhyme, even in the seemingly chaotic unfoldment of human life, and we are blessed to even be alive in this temporal storyline; floral whorl blooming from the dewy morning glory vine. Who says that it stops here? The stars still do shine dear. I still remember the way they glistened in your eyes, brighter than they are in the skies, kaleidoscope collision surprise, etched into my heart and in my mind, and gently tucked safely in the records of all time.


Every recording is a memory.
Every song is a time capsule.


released September 7, 2016

Presented by Perpetual Victory Machine

Produced by Bobby West

Cover art by Lucas Zhao Photography

Contributing Musicians:

Samuel Wexler - Violin on Vividly and Where Does Your Love Go

Seth Orin - Wood Flute on Shortcut (This Way)

Kat Fleming (cuddL) - Piano duet with Bob on Secondhand Feeling

Mark Rubin (Somatoast) - Drums on Ghost Notes

Quintin Louw - Guitar on Ghost Notes

Akasha Song - Guitar on Lemur Dream

Oliver - Vocals, Tambourine, and Assorted Percussion on Lemur Dream

Sierra Chaffee - Flute on Opalescent Iris

Bobby West - Vocals, Clarinet, Piano, Keyboards throughout, and all field recordings, arrangement, etc.




Erothyme Colorado

The Erothyme sound is a majestic blend of overblown hyperbole and meaningless adjectives that actually have nothing to do with music. His tracks land in your ear like a dolphin gracefully diving into the surface of the ocean after doing a triple backflip in front of the setting sun. Some people think that Erothyme doesn't be like he is, but he do. ... more

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